The Secret to Healthy, Longer Lasting Curls!

The struggle is real, and we have all been there! As a first time mom I definitely felt overwhelmed in my quest to find a healthy routine that was gentle enough for Baby M’s ultra sensitive skin, enhanced her curls, provided good moisture, and lasted the entire day. Was that too much to ask? It sure seemed so because I couldn’t find an existing solution! But hang on, there is HOPE! We get up to 4 DAYS of MOISTURE & CURL DEFINITION without using satin accessories in M’s hair!

I can remember being that overprotective mom that would only use extra virgin coconut oil as the go to solution for M’s hair thanks to my Jamaican heritage. Like clockwork however, M’s hair was greasy at the onset then dry and frizzy in only a couple of hours. Worse yet, I certainly felt very embarrassed when told I needed to train my daughter’s hair because it was too wild. I tried other natural recipes too; they were good at promoting hair health but never gave long lasting moisture and curl definition. This is where M’s uncle/my brother Jason, our brilliant chemist came to the rescue! The secret is out! Read below to explore our secret to healthy, longer lasting curls.

  • Pro Tip: Water is your friend

Ensure your little one’s hair is fully hydrated with water before applying any hair product; this will help their hair strands to absorb the products you are using much more readily.

  • Gentle Ingredients

It’s important to read and research the ingredients in hair care products to ensure they contain gentle ingredients. M’s skin was so sensitive it would react to a small drop of ice-cream! So, you can imagine that sure enough she would easily break out in rashes and red spots from so many baby hair care products on the market. We are happy that M inspired the creation of our hypoallergenic kids’ product line Puretopiah which has eliminated our fears of harsh ingredients and allergic reactions.

  • Natural Ingredients

Pure, natural ingredients will help to nourish, strengthen, and promote healthy growth for your little one’s hair. Best of all, these ingredients are safer and gentler on your kid’s scalp. At Puretopiah pure, natural, nutrient rich ingredients lies at our core; all our products are vegan, contain gentle ingredients, and exclusively used on M.

  • 4 Days of Moisture & Curl Definition

M has very dry hair – she gets it from her parents 😊. No doubt it was a monumental challenge to get up to 4 Days of Moisture & Curl Definition without using any satin accessories! M hates anything being on her head too long – we are lucky she at least tolerates cute headbands. Puretopiah CURLS 4 DAYS bundle is our biggest secret for longer lasting curls! Our easy 4 step process includes our moisture rich shampoo, conditioner, detangler, and curling cream – all fortified with nourishing ingredients. All you need to do on days 2 – 4 is to refresh with water to reactivate our products. Doubts? Why not give  Puretopiah a try to prove it to yourself – a mesmerizing experience awaits you.

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