Meet Our Team

Alicia Sangster, Founder & CEO

I started experimenting with natural products after my stylist gave me the devastating news at age 22 that she needed to cut-off most of my relaxed hair as the only path back to a healthy mane. Refusing to give in, I started to investigate the power of plants and their supreme ability to restore hair health. After just a few months on a vegan hair regimen my hair was fully restored, and my stylist was shocked to see the significant results! Fast forward to when I found out I was pregnant with “Baby M”, I knew I needed a safe, plant powered regimen for her curls, but struggled to find products safe enough for her ultra sensitive skin. Through my struggle, Puretopiah was born – a gift from our family to yours. Inspired by my daughter I did the big chop July 2020. Now, I am on a quest of rediscovering my natural hair as I teach “Baby M” to love her Creator who made every strand of her curls and every fiber of her being perfect. “… I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth” (3 John 1:2, KJV). God Bless.

Jason Brown, Cofounder & Chief Innovator

Meet our chief innovator Jason who has been a chemist for over 12 years. To “Baby M”, he is Uncle Jason; to me, brother and the only Chemist I truly trust with Baby M’s ultra sensitive skin. As a chemist, doting Uncle Jason poured his love into innovating natural, nutrient rich products that created silky soft curls with long lasting sheen, moisture, and definition free from harsh chemicals. Jason is armed with half a decade of expertise creating innovative natural formulations specifically for the Personal Care and Food industries. Jason’s accomplishments are backed by a BSc. in Pure and Applied Chemistry; he is passionate about health, safety, science, and most of all Baby M, so you can rest assured that Puretopiah’s products are carefully formulated, gentle, safe, and effective.

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