Born out of the need as a 1st time mom to find safe, vegan products for my thick, curly haired daughter “Baby M”, whose skin was so sensitive it would react to a drop of ice-cream.

Our Story

“Ultra Sensitive Skin Daughter with Thick Multi-textured Curls”

As a first-time mom I struggled to find safe, natural hair care products for my daughter “Baby M” who has thick multi-textured curls and ultra sensitive skin. My journey has been particularly difficult because Baby M’s skin was so delicate it would react to a small drop of ice-cream. In fact, M’s pediatrician told us we had to discard all the products we were using for her hair and skin, and that we couldn’t even put her in daycare because of the complexity of her hyper sensitivities. Armed with water, coconut oil and an adult wide teeth comb when “Baby M” was only 6 months old, I would invest hours struggling to detangle the knots in her voluminous hair; and of course, she would cry uncontrollably through the entire ordeal. If that wasn’t enough, her hair was so greasy it would soil my clothes and that of our families as well as our sheets, walls and chairs – embarassing. The result was dry frizzy hair in only a couple of hours – frustrating.

I was so overwhelmed one day, I broke down and started venting to my brother Jason who is a chemist, and he said he could make something that was vegan, gentle, safe and would alleviate all my struggles. I was surprised, secretly doubtful and also elated! After all, what do men know about hair care right? – and even more so my younger brother. We then discussed Baby M’s skin sensitivities and some of the natural ingredients I wanted in the formulation.

The Game Changer

PURETOPIAH - Your Beauty, Your Way, Naturally

Subsequently, I tried the first versions of the products Jason made and loved them:

🌿 Vegan Ingredients

 🌿 No Allergic Reactions         

🤚🏽 No more trauma for me nor Baby M when it was time to comb her hair        

💧 Intense Hydration            

🤞🏽 No greasy residue everywhere            

❤️…and her curls were amazing!

Then our family, friends and even strangers started commenting on how great “Baby M” hair looked, voiced their own struggles, and asked what products I was using in her hair. That’s when I realized there were many other families with the same struggles I had, and we could help make their lives easier with our hypoallergenic, moisture rich, vegan formulations. A few iterations later WE CHANGED THE BEAUTY GAME!  

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